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Since 2014, The Botanical Journey has helped keep Houston green.

Our gardens, landscapes, and arrangements are created with sustainability and responsible business practices in mind. Our plants are grown locally, either on our property or in partnership with local growers. Growing plants in the Houston area helps to guide our customers and clients in successful gardening practices for both indoor care and outside in the elements.

Each week we treasure hunt for vintage, antique, or artisan pots, containers, & other quirky items to repurpose into unique planters that will make a statement or start a conversation. We believe in reusing & repurposing available items to create elegant arrangements for the home or office.

In our flower arrangements, we support products that are free of synthetic & toxic materials. We utilize products that can be used for a long period of time or can either be safely recycled or will biodegrade in a short time period.

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The Botanical Journey 

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