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The Botanical Journey: A Farm in the Forest

The Botanical Journey


When we began The Botanical Journey in 2015, the goal was to recount our adventures in the botanical world. Five countries, 15 states and countless garden visits later, we have finally settled down on a 2-acre farm in the Piney Woods of East Texas.

Alongside our many adventures, we have designed planters, flower arrangements, and fabulous gardens of every variety from Texas to California. Our business has grown and we realize the need to expand our operations.

We began our search for a farm to call home in 2020 and finally found our new homestead in September 2023. The process was emotional. We are bursting with gratitude and joy for our new home and growing farmstead.

Meanwhile, farming and sustainability are somewhat in opposition of each other. There are many buzzwords in farming right now; Regenerative, Native, Permaculture, Rewilding, Organic, Hydroponic and Vertical that are creating more sustainable agriculture systems. However, as a Texas Master Naturalist, I wanted to establish a farm that functioned with the surrounding forest ecosystem rather than change the landscape to fit my needs.

May I present an alternative so simple it blew my mind.

Forest Farming. It is all the above methods but as nature intended. Here in these pages will be our written account. We are excited to learn, grow, and educate you about our new botanical journey into farming the forest.

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