Winter Solstice & Wildflowers

Now is the time of year to look back on our lives and make changes to better the future. The real trigger for looking inward begins with the winter solstice. In the northern hemisphere, the waning of sunlight ends with the shortest day and longest night. The word solstice is Latin, 'sol' - sun and 'sistere'- to stand. This year on December 21, 2018, will be a trifecta of astrological proportions, a full moon, the Ursid meteor shower, and at 4:23 p.m. CST, the sun will 'stand' at its southernmost point on the Earth's orbital axis. To the ancients, the winter solstice was a cause for celebration, the coming of the sun, longer days ahead with warmth not far behind and finally, the beer and wine were finished fermenting from autumn's harvest. Let us Celebrate!

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Each year on the winter solstice, I celebrate by planting my wildflower garden for spring. A mix of old and new, last years seeds (the successes) and a few new varieties (positive ideas for change and growth) sprinkled in the cool, damp earth. 

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Planting a wildflower garden helps warm the heart and soul during the steel grey days and cold rains of winter. Thinking about the nourishment that the rain provides for the tiny seeds makes me smile. Each seed is both hope and faith in the future. This year I am adding some allium bulbs. Who doesn't smile at those tall purple puffs swaying over the spring garden?

Slowly over the next few months and into summer when the chill is long gone, the long dark night lives on in each wonderful flower that blooms. (I'll drink a glass of wine to that.)

May our gardens and our lives be filled with abundance and joy in the coming year

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