Lucky Bamboo & Why is it Lucky?

If something as simple as a plant could bring health and fortune into your home or business, would you procure the magical talisman? 

Lucky Bamboo, Feng Shui, The Botanical Journey

The Most Popular House Plant

Dracena sanderiana or Lucky Bamboo is one of the most popular house plants in the world because of its fortuitous symbolism. It is used as a luck symbol in Asia due to its rapid growth and easy propagation. The tall columnar growth habit of D. sanderiana is often mistaken for bamboo but is, in fact, more closely related to garden asparagus. Dracena species are classified in the Asparagaceae family due to having fleshy stems, rather than hollow, like bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants and is classified in the family of grasses along with wheat, rice, and other grains.

Dracena plants can tolerate low, diffused light, making it a viable option as a house or office plant. Fast-growing bamboo needs space and requires direct sunshine, therefore it struggles as an indoor plant in most homes and offices. The similar appearance of D. sanderiana to bamboo has established the plant as an equivalent symbol of fortune, hence the popular name, "Lucky Bamboo." 

Lucky Bamboo, Feng Shui, The Botanical Journey


Feng Shui

Nearly 6,000 years ago in ancient China, a method of constructing buildings for the optimization of the elements, such as the prevailing winds or rays of the sun became known as Feng Shui. The term literally means "wind" (Feng) and "water" (Shui). Much like the current sustainable design movement, home or office construction should consider the elements, like the movement of the sun, to better heat the building in the winter, as well as, include properly placed tall trees to provide shade from the strong rays of the sun in the summer. After thousands of years, Feng Shui is a long-considered, well-crafted framework that offers guidance in the consideration of energy flow of the elements, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Metal and the cardinal directions for the ideal arrangement to ensure the best outcomes for health, wealth, and happiness. 

How to Increase Your Luck

Lucky Bamboo, Feng Shui, The Botanical Journey

When properly planted and placed, the Lucky Bamboo plant can better your family's health and/or increase your fortune. Here's how:

1. The lucky bamboo should be in metal, glass, or in a gold, silver, white, blue or black color container that is at least 2 inches tall.

2. Plant the stalk(s) in rocks, pebbles or clay balls. Fill the pot with filtered or distilled water. Keep watered and change at least once a month. 

3. The number of stalks has significance:

1-general good luck
2-doubles the luck, find your mate
3-health, wealth, and happiness
4-bad luck
5-luck in all aspects of life- body, mind, career, love, and finance
6-golden opportunities to attain wealth
7-health luck
8-fertility luck
9-general good luck and blessings
10-happiness luck


4. Now, tie a gold ribbon to the stalk(s) to symbolize wealth and place your Lucky Bamboo plant in diffused light in the east of any room. This is the Health and Wealth Luck area of your home. 

5. At your place of business, place a plant in the southeast corner of the office or on your desk for Prosperity Luck. The luck of the southeast indicates activities that generate income.

6. Make sure the plant is healthy. Trim off any yellowing leaves. Do not let the container dry out. Green growth is important.

7. As the plant grows, your health, wealth and happiness will also increase.

There is no better time to utilize the symbolism of a Lucky Bamboo plant than in the year of the Wood Dragon, 2024. Dragon years are associated with good fortune. In Feng Shui, the wood element is associated with plants. Thus, Lucky Bamboo are particularly auspicious in 2024.

 Lucky Bamboo, Feng Shui, Good Luck Symbol, The Botanical Journey

I planted this 5 stalk Lucky Bamboo for the east window of our living room to increase luck in all areas of my family's life. Best of all, this showy display adds a unique design element to the decor.

We wish everyone a happy, healthy, and abundant harvest in the new year!

Much love 💚 and many blessings 🙏 from The Botanical Journey. 

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