The Cactus King

If you love cactus, succulents, the desert, or plants that take care of themselves, then get on over to see Lyn the King of Cactus and his impressive collection of cactus from all over the world. You don’t have to be a plant nerd like me to enjoy the many acres of unique art, found artifacts and historic objects mindfully placed among living cacti. Cactus King is like visiting a museum or the set of a Tim Burton movie, complete with stories from around the globe. Don’t be shy, ask the artist himself about any item on his set and he will have an enthusiastic story (on most days).

Cactus King, Cactus, The Botanical Journey

Anyone who has spent time in Houston can pull from their memory a large metal cactus sculpture waving to drivers heading north on I-45 near the Shepherd curve. Maybe you wondered, what is that? or just simply taken notice, but now is a great time to stop and see the spring cactus flower bloom. Lyn Rathburn the owner, globe trekker, and artist tells of the entire site blossoming during the month of April. If you can not make it to the West Texas desert, then Cactus King is the next best thing.

Blooming Trichocereus, Big Bertha, Cactus King, Cactus Bloom, The Botanical Journey

Blooming Big Bertha, Trichocereus

Blooming Ferocactus, Cactus King, Barrel Cactus, The Botanical Journey

A golden crown of flowers atop a Notocactus or more commonly known as a barrel cactus. 

When you visit be sure to take cash, as most of the transactions are wholesale or online to people around the globe. Lyn has provided for several major cities' botanical gardens, arboretums, theme parks, museums, and estates. He started his business in 1983 and became an expert through passion and perseverance. It is truly inspiring to meet people who followed their heart and their passion to achieve their own ideas of happiness and success. We also love meeting fellow plant nerds.

Cactus King, Cactus, The Botanical Journey

One of many greenhouses filled with a spectacular array of cacti and succulents from all over the world. 

Cactus King, Cactus, The Botanical Journey, Yucca Bloom

Visit the raw beauty of the desert in the middle of the city and support small business and individual passion.

For more information, hours of operation, or for a list of cactus species visit  Especially, do not miss the stunning cactus flower bloom in April at Cactus King. Say hello to Lyn and tell him The Botanical Journey sent you. 

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