Preparing for a Hurricane

If you have ever lived in a hurricane or cyclone threatened area, then you know the hysteria that surrounds such epic weather events. Everyone becomes tightly wound as the satellite imagery replays the spinning storm system hour after hour for several days. It is hard to not feel anxious and overwhelmed by the concern of hundreds of text messages, emails, and phone calls from loved ones urging you to evacuate, even when local authorities haven't made the call. Here are 3 ways to take the edge off while riding out the storm.


Redecorating Your Home with Outdoor Plants and Furnishings

 When meteorologists report a wind threat of 40 knots or higher, then, it is a good idea to secure or move any outdoor items to a protected location. Once winds reach 60 mph, then shit can go flying in the wind while breaking windows and legs. May I suggest, seizing the opportunity to create a serene indoor atmosphere for the coming days of terror that may be overly hyped by media reports.

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This lovely olive tree stunningly fit in my bathroom. Olive branches are a symbol of peace. If the sun shined into my bathroom allowing me to leave this potted tree in place, I most certainly would. However, when the distant roar of a tornado is heard, hiding in the bathtub will not be as lonely or scary with this lovely olive tree standing tall.


Be Sure to Include Alcohol in your First Aide Kit

Local news stations will surely promote the buying of excess water, food, batteries, and candles since the impending doom will likely knock out millions of people's electrical power causing fires and widespread panic. After riding out a few major storms, I have learned the first place to empty it's shelves is the liquor store. I mean who can eat during a category 4 hurricane event. And with so much freaking water falling from the sky, no one wants to drink that shit either. Instead, everyone heavily drinks to calm rattled nerves and hopefully pass out during the night when hurricanes diabolically make landfall. 

hurricane harvey, storm preparation, hurricane, the botanical journey

Days before the arrival, not even a cloud in the sky, and this major liquor store is boarded up. The media never reports the real story to avoid panic, riots, and looting. Get yours early, be prepared. Or you might be forced to spend time with those neighbors that you sorta don't really like because their dog pisses on your tomato plants and whose gonna eat those nasty urine soaked fruits. 


Bring on the Board Games

So after you and yours have played dominos, cards, and whatever that crappy box of 'fun' is hiding in the back of the closet since the last major storm, may I suggest some fortune telling. Finally fire up those emergency candles, find that Tarot deck you bought in college and evoke some wild hurricane force winds to get a glimpse into the future. If you don't wanna scare the little ones, take out Death, the Devil, and the burning Tower cards. But, if you are spending time with those pesky neighbors, then slide those suckers up your sleeve for some serious fun when the lights go out. Time to go meet the Oracle.

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After 48 hours of maddening storm hype, you might go a little crazy. We hope everyone is safe. Here are some photos from Hurricane Harvey on Galveston Island.

hurricane Harvey, Harvey, band, storm approaching, outer band, weather event, Galveston Island 

East Beach as the outer bands of Hurricane Harvey approaches the Texas Gulf Coast

The Botanical Journey, Hurricane Harvey, Flood Preparation, Rains, Hurricane, Canoe, Galveston Island

Our escape plan if the predicted 30 inches of rain floods Galveston Island

 floods, east end, Galveston Island, Harvey, Texas Gulf Coast, Hurricane Harvey

 There was some extra water

 Port of Houston, Hurricane Harvey, Galveston Island, East End

Into the heart of the storm with 45 mph winds at the entrance to the Port of Houston. The Port, one of the largest in the world, was closed. Usually this view would include many super tankers anchored or underway. Photo credit by Ashely Sartin




Kathryn Lorenzo, I saw a funny tweet the other day that joked about naming your wifi as a way to call your neighbors out. For example, “please pick up your dog crap, Mrs. Jones at 1710.” I might just do it!

Kathryn Lorenzo

This is funny and so true! Yeah, I wouldn’t eat those tomatoes either.

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