How to Make Natural Flavoring Extracts

In the late 1800s, one of the first synthetic food items reproduced was vanillin, the compound that gives natural vanilla its signature flavor. This cheap fake flavoring replaced the high cost of the precious Vanilla orchid bean.

Today, much of our food has been stripped of nutrients that are now replaced with synthetic flavors. Learn how to make your own natural flavoring extracts. All you will need is alcohol, the raw ingredients, and a little patience. 

natural flavoring extracts, the botanical journey

Natural flavoring extracts make a great gift for cooks, bakers, and craft cocktail makers. Fruit, nuts, herbs, spices, and edible flowers can be used for flavoring extracts. I have made some unique flavors from the abundance growing in my garden including rose, lavender, fennel, pomegranate, and grapefruit. This post will focus on the most common flavors found in our kitchens and recipe books, orange, lemon, vanilla, and cinnamon. 

First, use only quality organic ingredients. The alcohol will draw out the flavor and any chemicals that may have been used on the plants. Not only is this bad for you, but it will also change the taste. Next, use at least 80 proof alcohol for extraction. I prefer rum for sweeter flavors like orange and vanilla and vodka for sharper flavors like lemon and cinnamon. Finally, utilize glass jars with tight-fitting lids that will not leak when shaken.

glass jars for natural extracts, the botanical journey

Lemon and orange flavorings are made from the rind, not the fruit inside. Use a zester or finely slice the peel. The zest from 1 medium-sized lemon or orange is enough for 10 ounces or less of alcohol. 2 vanilla beans sliced lengthwise and 5 cinnamon sticks are sufficient for the same amount of alcohol. Place ingredients in a jar and cover with alcohol, label, and date. Shake the jar daily and keep out of direct sunlight. Sample the extracts in 2 to 3 weeks for flavor. Leave longer for a more intense taste. Once the desired taste is achieved, pour into smaller 2-ounce glass bottles and give to your favorite people. 

DIY Flavor Extracts, How to Make Natural Flavor Extracts

Alcohol is a preservative. Natural Flavoring Extracts will last for many years.

One great way to enjoy the variety of flavors is to make a fresh batch of whipped cream from either heavy whipping cream or coconut cream (vegan). Once whipped, divide into smaller portions, separate into several bowls and add a teaspoon of extract. This will allow you to taste the flavor profile of each. Enjoy!


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Michael Knapp

Just in case anyone wants to know you can also place the finished solution in a wide mouth mason jar with a cheese cloth over the top (make sure this is at least 80 proof alcohol or higher) and let some of the alcohol evaporate to make it a bit more intense and even a bit more thick. Follow all proper canning precautions and sterilize your equipment.

- Mike K ( I make my own super hot pepper extracts from organic and official Carolina Reaper peppers)

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