Heyne Ranch

On a gorgeous Texas blue sky day, we pulled on our boots, dusted off our cowboy hats, and headed south to partake in some horseback trail riding. An hour outside of Houston along the Colorado River in Wharton County resides Heyne Ranch with 400-acres of woods, rolling pastures, and farmland open to the public on weekends. Guests may bring their own horses or call ahead to schedule a ride.

Horseback Riding at Heyne Ranch

Over 10 miles of manicured trails steer riders through a variety of terrains. Come escape the pavement to the hills and broad pastures with deep rich grass and shady tree-lined paths leading to river frontage. Riders and horses will enjoy the stunning Texas scenery. You might even spot a few big longhorn cattle ambling around. Heyne Ranch has everything you'd want in a riding facility including horse pens. We rented 2 friendly horses and enjoyed a 2 hour ride through the woods and down to the beach. A local cowboy named Daryl walked alongside our group as the horse whisperer and trail guide. He has over 30 years of experience training, roping, and cutting. Ask him anything about horses and he will know the answer.

Cowboy Daryl leading the horses through the pastures to the woods and down to the beach. Cowboy Daryl leading the horses through the pastures to the shady trail leading to the beach.

Beach view along the Colorado. Beach view along the Colorado river.

Peter Heyne, a dear friend of mine, has owned and operated the Ranch since 1993. He prides himself on the neatly maintained trails surrounded by native vegetation. Pecans, sycamores, and oaks stand tall providing shade in the hot sun. Wildflowers can be found around the property in all seasons. (I know because he sends me photos all the time.) Peter is a naturalist at heart and loves to show off the wild beauty of the ranch to anyone with a love of nature. He is always looking for someone to educate him on native flora and fauna. If horses aren't your thing then spend a day wandering the trails and bring a picnic for the sweeping expanse of sandy beach along the Colorado river. To folks unfamiliar, there is a Colorado river in Texas that originates south of Lubbock. The 862 mile river flows southeast through Central Texas near Austin then onward to Matagorda Bay on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. This is the longest river in Texas. Take a break from the city and enjoy a day on the ranch. For more information about pricing, reservations, and weather conditions at Heyne Ranch, call 713-504-3141 or visit the Facebook page to see stunning photos and reviews. at Heyne Ranch

My dear friends Jenny and Peter Heyne. My dear friends Jenny Osina and Peter Heyne.

Daryl, the coolest cowboy I know.

Daryl Anderson, the coolest cowboy I know.

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