Enchanted Gardens

An hour west of Houston resides a community of farms and rolling ranch estates. Situated in the countryside, Enchanted Gardens in Richmond, Texas is a delightful blend of barnyard animals, rustic relics, overgrown gardens, and potted plants for sale. If you love fall as much as I do, then enjoy a day trip west to relish the season.


Finally, a retail center that honors Thanksgiving. Honoring Thanksgiving, my favorite family holiday.

Every Autumn, we travel west to admire the prairies and meadows filled with wildflowers, graceful grasses, and migrating monarchs. Enchanted Gardens and Nursery is a definite stop along the tour. We buy our pumpkins, gourds, and a few cool season vegetables. (If the weather has cooled down enough from summer's heat.) Luckily, the day was crisp, cool, and ideal for winter garden dreaming.

Vegetables for winter gardens. Vegetables and Herbs for winter gardens.

While visiting, walk the grounds and explore the overgrown landscape. We found butterflies, bumblebees, a rooster, a hen, a goat, maypop, and citrus trees loaded with fruit.

Pollinators love mistflower.


Say hello to the goats. Say hello to the goat.

After an hour or so, my mother said, "This place really is enchanted." (Yes, she really did.) Enchanted Gardens is a family owned and operated company. We met one of the owners, Joey. He manages the gardens. I thanked him for the wonderful fall displays and guess what? Autumn is his favorite time of year too! We discussed how so many retail establishments skip over the best season of the year and go straight to Christmas and winter. No winter displays here, only gorgeous hues of yellows, oranges, and rusty reds. Skip the half-hearted pumpkin patch displays and travel west for a fanciful fall celebration that the whole family will love. For more information about hours of operation and seasonal events, click here.

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