CSA Animal Farm

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

On a 70 acre organic farm in Cat Springs, Texas, resides a group of kind-hearted, committed individuals to sustainability in both farming and living practices. CSA Animal Farm is the only certified organic farm within an hour's drive of Houston. Produce is hand harvested and delivered the same day to local restaurants, markets, and CSA members in Houston and Austin.


Some of this week's harvest: Eggplants, Lettuce mix, yellow Romano & Dragons Tongue beans, Spring onions, Watermelon & Japanese radishes, Shishito & Baby Bell peppers, and Kabocha squash.

Driving west under blue sky and sunshine, the city fades into rolling hills and brambles of oak, holly, and pine. The countryside is lush and cool from recent heavy rains. The air is clean. Life is abundant. The Animal Farm begins at the end of a winding dirt road. A natural wooded setting greets visitors and surrounds the property. The principles of permaculture guide life on the farm, from solar power generation and composting waste to building design from local materials. The crops are not sprayed and irrigation is from rain and well water. The residents of  the farm live life according to nature.

CSA Animal Farm box, Organic produce, fall harvest,

CSA Animal Farm, Organic farm, Cat Springs, Texas,

A walk through the woods leads visitors to the greenhouses and open fields.

CSA Animal Farm, Organic onions, onion field, organic farm, Cat Springs, Texas, Fall Harvest

Onion fields

organic tomatoes, CSA Animal Farm, greenhouse, overgrown tomatoes

A second crop of Cherry Tomatoes ripening in the greenhouse. Yum.

CSA Animal Farm, lettuce, organic lettuce, lettuce field, lettuce farm, Cat Springs Texas

Mixed lettuces and winter greens

CSA Animal Farm, Cat Springs, Texas, Organic Farm

A resident dwelling made from recycled glass bottles, local trees, and solar power.

A day on the property is a magical experience. While visiting, we hiked trails, identified native species, and hand harvested our own choice vegetables. The resident Chef, Chandler Rothbard, prepared a spectacular meal fresh from the fields in the outdoor kitchen.

CSA Animal Farm, Cat Springs, Texas, Organic Farm, Farm to Table,

Our Afternoon Harvest

CSA Animal Farm, Cat Springs, Texas, Organic Farm, Farm to Table

Chef Chandler Rothbard creating an artful meal while Rachel (and I) eagerly await the dinner bell.

CSA Animal Farm, Cat Springs, Texas, Organic Farm, Farm to Plate

Farm to Table- delightfully fresh lettuce and cabbage leaves, crisp beans, radishes, & peppers, a tender reduction of kabocha squash, fire roasted eggplant topped with edible flowers and herbs, mmm...some kind of wonderful.

 Although the farm's name implies animal husbandry, the only animal product available for sale is eggs. The chickens live in several large fenced in coops with plenty of space to roam and peck. Certified Organic produce, eggs, and flowers are available for sale in Houston on Tuesday afternoons at Rice University Farmers Market and Saturday mornings at Eastside Farmers Market. Also available is a weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Box for $25. Animal Farms' vegetables, fruits, eggs, and flowers are of outstanding quality, as are the people, Gita, Chandler, and the many folks helping on the farm. The products are fresh harvested, flavorful, chemical free, and support a sustainable green manufacturing process. To become a CSA member visit the website or the Tuesday and Saturday Farmers Market to pick up your Certified Organic produce box.

Support Local. Be Organic. Change the World!

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