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Ceramic Owl Pot Treetop Planter, Owl Pots, Owl Garden

Owl Pot Treetop Planter

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Quirky, fun to plant, and stylish for your home or office are these owl pots on a bamboo tree-like sculpture. Each owl-shaped pot has a tiny hole for drainage making it ideal for succulents, cactus or a tiny kitchen herb garden. Surely to inspire any plant lover or gardener. A ceramic owl pot treetop planter makes a wonderful gift for gardeners, children, or as a housewarming gift.

Overall size does not overwhelm and the small structure makes it ideal for stability.

Kit includes one 3-layer bamboo shelf and 3 flower pots.


Bamboo stand- Height is 6.5" or 16.5cm, Width 8" or 20cm

Each Pot- 2.75" or 7cm Diameter, 2.4" or 6cm Height

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