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July 2019

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon

by David Grann


A true story about a famous explorer. In 1925, the legendary British explorer Percy Fawcett along with his son Jack disappear into the Amazon jungle looking for a lost fabled city. During the early twentieth century, the Amazon was inhabited mostly by small tribes that were believed to be savages. Fawcett becomes a novice anthropologist while surveying the rivers of the Amazon for the Royal Geographic Society finding ancient artifacts and pictographs leading him to the conclusion that an advanced society exists in the depths of the unexplored rainforest. Both Indian tales and the earliest Spanish explorer journals tell of a grand city that exists in the Amazon. Percy Fawcett becomes obsessed with finding the lost city of Z. After decades of search teams dying in pursuit and a plethora of novice failed missions to find out what happened to Percy Fawcett, the author David Grann in the early 2000s decides to research and uncover what may have happened to Fawcett and his team. What he discovers is unexpected and a compelling tale of adventure. Even if you have seen the movie, the details of the adventurer's travels while hacking through the jungle is not to be missed. Gruesome but inspiring. Where the movie ends, Grann's book begins.

June 2019

The Signature of All Things

by Elizabeth Gilbert 


A tale of botanical proportions. 

The story begins with the father, Henry Whittaker, on his epic adventure aboard James Cook's final voyage as an apprentice to the naturalist. Henry learns about plants, medicines, and commerce which improves his station in life to one of the richest men in the new world. His daughter, Alma Whittaker, is equally entranced with the natural world. Her trials and tribulations as an intelligent woman in the 1800's lead to a lonely life as a moss expert until she falls in love with a stranger and inherits her father's entire fortune. Tales of windswept travel, botanical exploration and history make this bizarre book a stunning summer reading selection.


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