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Our journey began long before the Internet when travel tales were written on scraps of paper, postcards to family and in well-worn tattered journals. The Botanical Journey seeks to explore the history, culture, and botany of a place. The beauty of the local people, the customs, art, architecture, botanical traditions, and the culinary arts of a region are the adventure.

I, Jennifer, am the Sunshine, born in the extreme heat of late summer when all is lush and abundant. I am a botanical zealot. My passion is investigating the natural world and it's affects on a society. How local people adapt to the environment through architecture, agriculture, and rituals are of great interest to my observing mind.

Cody is Earth. He is genuine, grounding, patient and careful in his understanding of things. Cody spent his youth working for his father's tree trimming business. His family lived on a self-sufficient farm and cooked by fire from the abundance of cut wood. How minimal and simple a lifestyle people can live interests Cody. To have the ability to construct, build, and live in harmony from the surrounding landscape guides his travel interests.

Together we love to climb mountains and ancient ruins, hike into the forest or desert observing plants, insects, and wildlife, and most of all we live to surf, swim or any activity involving the ocean.

Sustainability and conservation is our mission as we travel this beautiful planet. We support the abundance of life in all its unique and wonderful forms through our travel tales by promoting the people and places that are working toward positive global change.

We invite you to join our journey.

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