About Us

The Botanical Journey began long before the internet when travel tales were written on scraps of paper, postcards to family and in well-worn tattered journals. Many of the memories are buried in boxes. In 2014, encouraged by our family and friends, we committed to communicating our off-trail adventures via a travel blog. On New Year's Eve 2015, I promised to write once a week for a year and it was the first New Year's resolution I have ever honored. 

I, Jennifer, am the Sunshine, born in the extreme heat of late summer when all is lush and abundant. I rise everyday with the sun, burn hot and bright all day to fall early into bed. I try and fight it but to no avail, the sun’s rays are life. Heliotropic, I am. Mostly, you will never hear me complain how hot it is.

Cody is my Earth. He is genuine, grounding, patient and careful in his understanding of things. He can build anything, fine furniture, a house, an engine, all masterfully too. He also replies, “The question really is, how am I not Earth?” Hmm, never thought of it like that.

Together we love to climb mountains and ancient ruins, hike into the forest or desert observing plants, insects, and wildlife, and most of all we live to surf, swim or any activity involving the ocean.

Along the road we have written hundreds of published articles and have taken thousands of photographs. Many of our subscribers, family, and friends have requested t-shirts to support our journey. For nearly half a year we have been working on original designs with artists from around the globe to bring The Botanical Journey merchandise to life.

Sustainability and conservation is our mission as we travel this beautiful planet. Our plant based t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and printed with water based inks. Every product is printed on demand (at the time of your order). Therefore, waste is reduced and you receive a one of a kind creation of botanical art.  

We invite you to join our journey.

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