Keep Critters Out of Your Food Kevlar Bag

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Chipmunks are super adorable, right?

Nope, they are sneaky and will infiltrate your vehicle through the tiniest holes to obtain a nutty snack. This 10.5-liter critter bag allows you to keep your nuts locked up. When we had pistachios, the chipmunks kept us up 2 nights in a row fighting each other for the nuts. Not so cute anymore. Do not feed the chipmunks! If you live on the road, you need this critter bag and the Sea to Summit dry sacks for stress-free camping.

The Ursack Minor Critter Bag is designed to keep sharp-toothed small critters out of your food. This bag is made of a cut-resistant fabric woven from Kevlar bulletproof fiber and stainless steel. Try to eat through that chipmunks! 

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  • Ursack Minor will NOT protect against the strength of a bear
  • The Minor weighs about 5.3 oz. and is 8 in. in diameter x 13 in. tall and holds about 650 cu. in. (10.5 liters)
  • Heavy-duty hook-and-loop closure
  • The integrated loop lets you attach a carabiner or rope for hanging

Technical specs

Best Use
Gear Capacity (L)
Gear Capacity (cu. in.)
650 cubic inches
Kevlar/stainless steel fabric
8 (dia) X 13 inches
5.3 oz ounces