Crystal Caves, Bermuda

The islands of Bermuda do not have mountains, thus rivers or streams. However, fresh water is gathered naturally from rain and stored underground. Under the islands is a vast system of caves carved over eons into marine limestone. Only a few caves are known and there is much more to discover. The Crystal Caves were discovered in the early 20th century when 2 boys lost their cricket ball down a hole. Climbing into the vast darkness, the boys realized the significance of the discovery. Over the next one hundred years, the cave was open to scientists, locals and then visitors by adding stairs and ramps. Our tour guide Lenny explained while growing up, how he and his friends would sneak into the caves...

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Turbulence, not the ordinary jostle, but feats of gravity stomach flips. I quickly pull open the window cover, snow-white clouds blanket the earth, then, such a downward surge that the whole of the plane's passengers cried sharply in unison, "EWW!" Most definitely each and every one of us cried the same haunting sound. Ladies and gentleman, please fasten your seat belts, we are now entering the Bermuda Triangle. The triangle is Bermuda's best-known feature. Before departure, Cody remarked, "I hope we get lost on the way back and not on the way there." Right. Bermuda is not the Bahamas or in the Caribbean, but more precisely it is an island chain located 1000 miles due north in the Atlantic Ocean. Often referred...

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