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As I write this, the sun is obscured by storm clouds and it's been that way for days. The grey weighs heavily upon the city.

 I, Jennifer, am the Sunshine, born in the extreme heat of late summer when all is lush and abundant. I rise everyday with the sun, burn hot and bright all day to fall early into bed. I try and fight it but to no avail, the sun’s rays are life. Heliotropic, I am. Mostly, you will never hear me complain how hot it is.
Cody is my Earth. He is genuine, grounding, patient and careful in his understanding of things. He can build anything, fine furniture, a house, an engine, all masterfully too. He also replies, “The question really is, how am I not Earth?” Hmm, never thought of it like that.
Together we love to climb mountains, hike in the forest or desert, eat delicious food, and most of all to surf, swim, or any activity involving the ocean. Lucky for me all these places satisfy my botanical curiosity and Cody's need for wide open spaces and quiet. He is a man of few words but all of them relevant and often amusing. I'm usually the amusement. Silly and absurd antics give me pleasure. I'm only serious sometimes, like cloudy days like today, maybe.
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