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Just Plant It!

Garden Activism, The Botanical Journey

What is Garden Activism?

Garden Activism is action. We as global citizens can make a difference by simply planting a seed, flower, grass, herb, houseplant, or tree. Every living being is apart of this garden Earth we call home. Much like a terrarium, Earth is a closed system and together we can cultivate a cleaner environment by the simple act of planting a pot or a tree.

How does planting a pot or a tree help?

Essentially, the air we breathe is an exchange between animals and plants. The forests, prairies, and wetlands of our beautiful garden planet inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen. During this process, additional chemicals from the surrounding air are also ingested by the plant's leaf structures and released into the soil where microorganisms digest the various chemicals to produce nutrients for plants. The various nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are exchanged via the roots with the tiny soil microbes. As a result, carbon and other chemicals are either processed or stored in the ground and not in the atmosphere. Potted plants also participate in this exchange.

The Botanical Journey, Garden Activism

Does planting a tree really have an effect on Climate Change?

One tree or plant is not enough but if we all participate, then together we plant a forest. No matter how small, even returning a portion of our home landscapes back to the native species will provide food and shelter for wildlife and insects while restoring the biodiversity. Each tiny biome can sequester large amounts of carbon with little expense. Native plants are adapted to the local weather & soil conditions requiring little care once established.

However, we must also live sustainably with the Earth's precious resources in an effort to promote a balance between nature, wildlife, and human activity. To live sustainably, one must think about the effects of our choices on the environment and how to simplify our needs to benefit nature, wildlife, and the quality of life for future generations.

So Yes, each & every one of us can make a difference by making responsible choices and planting pots or trees. Just plant it is Garden Activism in action.

The Botanical Journey, Garden Activism, Seedlings

What is Social Responsibility?

Social Responsibility is an ethical theory in which individuals and/or organizations have an obligation to act for the benefit of society in economics, social welfare, and the environment. The Botanical Journey's mission is conservation, education, garden activism, and sustainable living. We support and report on the abundance of life in all its unique and wonderful forms through our garden & journal articles and by promoting the people, places, and products that are making a positive impact on our world. 

What are Sustainable Products?

Sustainable products provide environmental, social, and economic benefits that protect human health and the environment throughout the lifecycle of a product. We support products free of synthetic, toxic materials that can be used for a long period of time and can either be safely recycled or will biodegrade in a short time period.

The Botanical Journey appreciates you and all other beings living on this beautiful garden Earth. We are here to inspire simple steps of action for a cleaner, greener planet.

Be apart of the solution.

Garden Activism: Just Plant It.

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