A Canoe Made for 2

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Forest green and 14 feet long, a canoe is the newest addition to the family. Eager to explore the bayous, rivers, lakes and bays of the Texas Gulf Coast, we set forth into the marsh on a grey winter’s day. To be exact, our first launch happened at Christmas Bay between Surfside and San Luis Pass. A sign along the roadside lead the way to a kayak launch. We turned left with our canoe into the endless maze of the Gulf Coast wetlands. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            as far as the eye can see marsh to the horizon

The tide was an hour passed a near full moon high. However, there were many shallow areas to avoid. This made for spectacular oyster reefs and shallow sand bars for coastal bird resting or nesting grounds.


The canoe gracefully glided through the tidal waters as we navigated the shoals and islands. Surprisingly, we observed no trash throughout the estuary. Although, there were abandoned structures that had become home to many new life forms.



The sun peered through the clouds and we realized the islands and horizon were infinite. Cody and I had not realized how far we paddled. On the way back, concentration was important to find our way to the launch as everything appeared the same.


Admittedly, we left the compass at home. Luckily there were landmarks that hinted at our path.


We made it and lived to tell our first canoe story.


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  • We were at the Fling together but didn’t get a chance to meet. Excellent blog! I would have gotten lost in that canoe, for sure!

    Casa Mariposa on
  • Thanks Talulah, come visit and we can go canoeing, play in the garden and paint pictures of flowers. Love to you and your family.

    Sunshine on
  • Hi

    Tallulah on
  • Hi, Nice to meet you! We now always have a compass and a map in open bodies of water. In next week’s post, Cody & I canoe the Mopan river in Belize to our new sustainable off-grid property in the community of www.carmelitagardens.com

    Sunshine on

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